Dr. Ao Du

The human-built environment is constantly facing various threats stemming from natural hazards (e.g., earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, windstorms, and etc.). Understanding the natural hazard physics and how structure and infrastructure systems behave and respond under different hazard loadings are crucial to risk-informed decision making under deep uncertainties.  Our lab aims to enhance the natural hazard resilience of spatially distributed structure and infrastructure systems by synergistically incorporating multi-modal sensing, physics-based modeling, stochastic simulations, and advanced data analytics.


Seismic surrogate demand and fragility modeling of complex multi-response structural systems
Influence of ground motion intensity measure selection for probabilistic seismic risk assessment
Regional-level seismic risk assessment of spatially distributed highway bridge portfolio
Multivariate return period-based ground motion selection
Experimental and numerical investigation of damage progression of FRP bolted joints