Effects of Triazine-Based H2S Scavengers Byrpoducts on the Film Composition and Cracking of Carbon Steel in Oilfield Applications

UTSA and SwRI have begun a collaboration to address gaps in the understanding of materials performance in harsh environmental conditions found in the oil and gas industry.  In this CONNECT program, we seek to explore the role of MEA-triazine by-products (which include amines) on SCC.  Little is known about the possible effects of this chemistry and the by-products resulting from its reaction with H2S in terms of corrosion and cracking resistance of the carbon steel. Therefore, for this research project the goal is to understand the effect of MEA-triazine H2S scavenger on the stress corrosion cracking of carbon steel. Raman spectroscopy, electrochemical techniques, and slow strain rate testing are currently in use for this purpose.

September, 2017