2018-2020 Program of Study

The curriculum for all students in the program is as follows:

AIS 1203 Academic Inquiry and Scholarship 3
CHE 1103 General Chemistry I 3
CHE 1121 General Chemistry I 1
EGR 1343 Impact of Modern Tech. (CORE) 3
MAT 1214 Calculus I 4
WRC 1013 Freshman Composition I 3
Semester Total: 17
CHE 1113 General Chemistry II 3
CHE 1131 General Chemistry II Lab 1
CME 1201 Intro to Chemical Eng 1
MAT 1224 Calculus II 4
PHY 1943 Physics for Sci and Eng I 3
PHY 1951 Physics for Sci and Eng I Lab 1
WRC 1023 Freshman Composition II 3
Semester Total:
CHE 2603 Organic Chemistry I 3
CHE 2612 Organic Chemistry I Laboratory 2
CME 2103 Chemical Process Principles 3
EGR 2323 Applied Eng. Analysis I 3
PHY 1963 Physics for Sci and Eng II 3
PHY 1971 Physics for Sci and Eng II Lab 1
Semester Total:
CHE 3643 Organic Chemistry II 3
CME 4001 Chemical Process & Risk Mgt 1
ECO 2023 Economics 3
EGR 3323 Applied Eng. Analysis II 3
CME 2203 Computational Methods in ChemE 3
STA 2303 Applied Prob & Stat for Engrs 3
Semester Total:
CHE 3804 Physical Chemistry I & Lab 4
CME 3003 Intro to Materials Science & Engr 3
CME 3103 Thermodynamics I 3
CME 3303 Transport Phenomena 3
S. Elect Specialization Elective I 3
Semester Total:
CME 3403 Transport Processes 3
CME 3503 Kinetics and Reactor Design 3
CME 3601 Chemical Engineering Lab I 1
CME 3703 Transport Phenomena II 3
CORE* Creative Arts Core 3
CORE* U.S. History and Diversity I 3
Semester Total: 16
CME 4103 Process Dynamics and Control 3
CME 4163 ChemE Design Fundamentals 3
CME 4201 Chemical Engineering Lab II 1
S. Elective Specialization Elective II 3
CORE* Governmental-Political Science 3
CORE* American History Core 3
Semester Total: 16
CME 4264 Product and Process Design 4
S. Elect 3713 Engineering Economic Analysis 3
S Elect Specialization Elective III 3
CORE* Lang., Philosophy, & Culture 3
CORE* Government-Political Science 3
Semester Total: 16


*For complete list of courses, refer to the Chemical Engineering undergraduate catalog (scroll to bottom half of page).

Unique Degree Opportunity


Are you interested in using chemistry, physics, biology and mathematics to solve engineering problems related to production, transformation, and utilization of chemicals, materials and energy?

Take advantage of the high demand for Chemical Engineers by pursuing a Chemical Engineering degree from UTSA!

Chemical engineers address a broad range of issues that allow them to make a difference in their communities. Graduates of chemical engineering programs are highly sought-after in a wide variety of industries:

  • Oil and gas
  • Biotechnology and pharmaceuticals
  • Environmental and materials
  • Manufacturing industrial goods
  • Refining and petrochemical industries

Optional Specializations

The UTSA Chemical Engineering program will provide high quality education and training in chemical engineering through rigorous course and state of- the-art lab works.

Additionally, students will also develop a degree of depth in one of the five specialized areas of study:

  • Petroleum and Energy Systems - the sector with burgeoning industry demand for well-trained individuals
  • Materials Engineering - the enabling technical field for microelectronics, energy conversion, and process controls
  • Bioengineering - the emerging area that biochemistry interfaces with bio-systems and healthcare
  • Environmental Engineering - the strategic growth area finding resources and environmental solutions for manufactures and for consumers