Ph.D. Application FAQ's and Deadline:

For Domestic and International Applicants

Fall Semester- February 1
Spring Semester- October 1

Frequently asked questions when applying to our Ph.D. programs:

1). How Do I apply

You will need to apply via online application using the Embark system. All questions regarding the actual application website must be directed towards the Graduate School.

 2). What materials do I need?

You will need to submit all academic transcripts, resume/c.v., GRE scores no older than 5 years, Statement of Purpose, 3 Letters of Recommendation, and TOEFL/IELTS for international students.

3). Are there funding opportunities?

Yes, all applicants must engage current faculty to explore any funding opportunities previous to applying. Typically, student faculty engagement will focus on mutual research interest. Fellowship offers can range from 27k to 35k annually which can cover tuition and stipend. These awards are limited and funding outside of the department is typically scarce. Please note that due to budgetary cycles, awards may not be available within the first month of admittance.

4). Can I send admission materials directly to the Department?

No, the Department of CEE Studies does not accept admission materials directly, they must be sent to Graduate School.

5). What is the Statement of Purpose or (SOP)

The document is organized as (1). A quick bio sketch of your life and academic achievements, (2). What research are you interested in conducting and faculty you would like to work with (3). What career path would you follow once you achieve a Ph.D.? (2-3 pages in length)

6). What is the most important part of my application materials?

All materials are weighed; however, the SOP is regarded as the most essential along with research interest.

7). Do I need to take the GRE?

Yes, the GRE needs to be taken by the admission deadline and no older than 5years. Applications will not be considered if GRE has not been taken by admission deadlines.

8). Do all materials need to be in by the admission deadlines?

The online application needs to be submitted by the deadline, the supplementary materials may come in after the date and will be added to the application. However, the department does review applications that are considered complete and submitted by the Graduate School for evaluation.

 Application to Final Decisions Process (1-3 month process)

Step One: Prospect identifies potential program.

Step Two: Prospect should engage interested departmental faculty on research interest.

Step Three: Prospect gathers all application materials for submission i.e. transcripts, GRE etc.

Step Four: Prospect submits all application materials to UTSA Graduate School.

Step Five: Graduate School organizes and verifies all materials.

Step Six: GS finalizes applications and submits to Department for review.

Step Seven: Department reviews applications and secures funding options.

Step Eight: Department will make final offers via electronic letter.

Step Nine: Department notifies COE of decision – COE send out offers to students.

Step Ten: Student accepts/or declines offer.