Civil Engineering laboratories are located in three buildings, as follows: The Geomaterials lab, Environmental Engineering lab, the Biotechnology lab and PC workstation lab are located in the Biotechnology Science and Engineering building. The structures lab, shared with the Mechanical Engineering Department, and the Geotechnical lab are located in the Engineering Building. The Hydraulics lab and PC tablet lab are located in the Applied Engineering and Technology building.

Capabilities of each lab are the following:

Geomaterials Lab

The Geomaterials lab incorporates testing facilities for characterizing aggregates, asphalt binders, asphalt concretes and soils.

Structures Lab

The Structures lab is shared between Civil and Mechanical Engineering.

Geotechnical Lab

Environmental Engineering Labs

Hydraulics Lab

Environmental Biotechnology Lab

Concrete Lab Surveying Lab

PC Lab Hydrometeorology/GIS Lab