Graduate Teaching Assistantships (GTA)

Our GTA Program—GTA will be assigned to Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering required undergraduate classes (no tech electives) of large enrollment with recitation sessions and/or labs. Positions will be assigned to individual professors to promote research. Students can contact faculty advisors to be considered for GTA positions. If you wish to be considered for GTA, complete the GTA application form with the student and check possible courses to be considered for.

GTA Appointment & Benefits— Undergraduate Advisor of Record (UGAR) committee will assign all GTAs to the required courses. Each GTA will be assigned to one course based on area and expertise. All GTAs will be entitled to in-state tuition for the semester they are hired. This entails significant reduction in the cost of attending UTSA. Check this link to understand the difference in tuition and fees between in- and out-of-state students:

GTA Pay & Requirements— GTA positions offer $6K per semester. TA Training is required, to be completed at the Teaching & Learning Center. Newly appointed international TAs must complete the UTSA Language Proficiency Test (LPT) unless qualified for a waiver. Test is a 20-minute interview. If the student fails the LPT, student is required to enroll in the course that semester. No deferrals whatsoever.

GTA Notes— If no GTA position is committed by the advisor, encourage student to apply for Grader positions. PhD students will be given priority consideration for grader positions. Graders may qualify for an additional $1K competitive scholarship to grant in-state tuition for the semester they are appointed in.