MEGA Nano A team of researchers is recognized by Guinness World Records for their creation of the Smallest Medical Robot STORY HIGHLIGHTS The tiny robot created at UTSA is 120 nanometers in size; it would take eight of them lined up to be the width of a human hair. The magneto-elasto-electric coupled effect in the
  EXTRA! EXTRA! ECE makes it to the KSAT 12 News! Congratulations Dr. Guo and Dr. Bhalla For more information please visit:   
The Open Cloud Institute is pleased to announce their upcoming Distinguished Seminar Speaker, Dr. Dhireesha Kudithipudi. We are confident this will be well attended, and ask that you let us know you are coming. Please feel free to distribute among faculty, staff, and students.  
Congratulations Dr. Frye! For more information please visit:…/they-re-fun-can-stem-camps-girl…
We are very happy to share this significant recognition bestowed by ACerS on our Professor Dr. Amar Bhalla – he is selected to receive the American Ceramic Society 2018 Distinguished Life Member Award! “The Distinguished Life Member Award is the highest honor accorded to members of the scientific and technical organization and recognizes the eminent
  PROGRAM OVERVIEW The Brain Health Consortium (BHC) announces seed grant awards for graduate students (Masters and PhD) and postdoctoral research fellows from UTSA whose research focus is on brain health or regenerative medicine, specifically utilizing technology involving induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs). This initiative aims to benefit students, postdoctoral fellows, and their faculty mentors
This is achieved by our doctoral student Soutik Betal (UTSA PhD EE, Aug. 2017), currently a postdoctoral scholar at Alfred University, and was performed under the support of funded projects including DoD and NSF. The nanorobot measures 120 nm in dimension and was fabricated in our labs in form of single crystalline magnetic core with