Freshmen Interest Group (FIG)

What is a FIG?

A FIG is a group of 20 first-year students that share a common major, live together on the same floor of Chaparral Village, and share similar core classes. They have access to a Peer Advisor who also lives on the same floor of Chaparral Village and each FIG is assigned to a Faculty Mentor who hosts activities and presentations throughout the year.

College of Engineering FIGs are co-enrolled in Calculus I, General Chemistry I, and FIG Academic Inquiry and Scholarship.

Why be a FIG?

  • FIGs provide built-in study groups and mentoring from near peers to promote self-efficacy
  • A strong first semester sets the foundation for continued success and shorter time to graduate
  • Students are connected to a faculty mentor from day one and view faculty as an approachable resource and guide
  • FIGs are built around a common major or interest, helping students quickly find peers with similar passions and goals