Martin Ayala

Martin Ayala
Undergraduate Student in Chemical Engineering

Refereed Publications

Alvez, L.M.N.C., Almeida, M.P., Ayala, M., Watson, C.D., Jacobs, G., Rabelo-Neto, R.C., Noronha, F.B., Mattos, L.V., “CO2 methanation over metal catalysts supported on ZrO2: Effect of the nature of the metallic phase on catalytic performance,” Chemical Engineering Science 239 (2021) 116604. (available online)

UTSA Office of Undergraduate Research Spring 2021 Virtual Undergraduate Research & Creative Inquiry Showcase – April 21, 2021
(click here to view poster)

Undergraduate Research – Spring 2020

“Using Catalysts with Partially Reducible Oxides (PRO) to Facilitate the Reverse Water Gas Shift Reaction in CO2 Hydrogenation” (click to view poster)

This work is supported by the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture, Interdisciplinary Hands on Research Traineeship and Extension Experiential Learning in Bioenergy/Natural Resources/Economics/Rural project, U GREAT (Under Graduate Research, Education And Training) program (2016 67032 24984).