Nour Alhraki

Nour Alhraki
Prior student
Graduated with a B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering 2021
  • Scholarship – 2019

Nour received a scholarship from HEB for the academic year 2019/2020.

  • Refereed Publications

Martinelli, M., Castro, J.D., Alhraki, N., Matamoros, M.E., Kropf, A.J., Cronauer, D.C., Jacobs, G., “Effect of sodium loading on Pt/ZrO2 during ethanol steam reforming,” Applied Catalysis A: General 610 (2021) 117947. (available online)

Mehrbod, M., Martinelli, M., Castro, J.D., Alhraki, N., Cronauer, D.C., Kropf, A.J., Marshall, C.L., Jacobs, G., “Fischer-Tropsch synthesis:  direct cobalt nitrate reduction of promoted Co/Al2O3 catalysts,” Catalysis Today, 369 (2021) 129 – 143 (available online)

Martinelli, M., Alhraki, N., Castro, J.D., Matamoros, M.E., Jacobs, G., “Effect of Na loading on Pt/ZrO2 catalysts for low temperature water-gas shift for the production and purification of hydrogen,” Elsevier book chapter (Eds. S. Nanda, D.-V. Vo, P. N. Tri), New Dimensions in Production and Utilization of Hydrogen, 2020. ISBN: 9780128195536.(available online)