Zahra Rajabi

Zahra Rajabi
Ph.D. Student in Biomedical Engineering

Zahra Rajabi is working on the development of catalysts for the production of hydrogen from liquid chemical carriers for use in biomedical applications.

Refereed publication:

Rajabi, Z., Jones, L., Martinelli, M., Qian, D., Cronauer, D.C., Kropf, A.J., Watson, C.D., Jacobs, G., “Influence of Cs promoter on ethanol steam-reforming selectivity of Pt/m-ZrO2 catalysts at low temperature,” Catalysts, MDPI (Special Issue titled “Transition Metal Catalysis for Biomass Transformation and Green Energy Production”, Guest Ed. S. Campisi, S. Capelli and S. Cattaneo), 11(9) (2021) 1104 (22 pp.).

Rajabi, Z., Martinelli, M., Watson, C.D., Cronauer, D.C., Kropf, A.J., Jacobs, G., “Influence of Cs loading on Pt/m-ZrO2 water-gas shift catalysts,” Catalysts, MDPI (special issue titled “CO and CO2 Conversion over Heterogeneous Catalysts”) 11(2021) 570, 25 pp.