Our Equipment

Ultra-high-resolution Hyperspectral

For absorption, scattering, and fluorescence imaging and time-resolved spectroscopy measurements.

HORIBA LabRAM HR Evolution

Fully automated Raman Spectrometer.

Nima-KSV Langmuir-Blodgett 

Allegra Ultracentrifuge 64R

Eppendorf Centrifuge 5424

VTC-100 Vacuum Spin Coater

Elga Purelab Ultra Ionic Water Polishing System

StellarNet UV/Vis/NIR Spectrometer

CH Instruments Electrocatalysis Analyzer System

Iwata Airbrush Spray Coating System

Quincy Lab Inc Model 20E Lab Oven

University Core Facility

UTSA Kleberg Advanced Microscopy Center (KAMC)

“KAMC houses state-of-the-art instruments in electron microscopy and other advanced characterization equipment. The center supports world-class research in nanotechnology, biology, chemistry and materials sciences. Our facility includes an aberration-corrected microscope in the STEM mode JEOL ARM 200F with a spatial resolution of 78 picometers. High-resolution electron microscopes such as a field emission gun JEOL 2010F and a STEM Hitachi S5500 as well as probe microscopes and X-ray diffraction. The Center is focused on high-resolution imaging, electron diffraction, electron holography, electron tomography, and EELS. In addition, the center has capabilities for in situ electron microscopy including nanomechanical, electrical and optical measurements.”


JEOL 2010F

Hitachi STEM-5500