Faculty Office Hours

Professor, NAE member
EB 3.04.18
Associate Professor of Instruction
EB 3.04.23
Professor, Director of NASA Funded Center for Advanced Measurement in Extreme Environments (CAMEE), Associate Fellow of AIAA (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astraunatics)
EB 3.04.16
GreenStar Endowed Professor in Energy
AET 2.303
Lutcher Brown Distinguished Chair in Advanced Manufacturing, SME Fellow and IISE Fellow
EB 3.04.42
Dee Howard Endowed Assistant Professor
EB 3.04.26
Associate Professor, Assistant Department Chair
EB 3.04.14
Professor and Zachry Mechanical Engineering Department Endowed Chair
EB 3.04.02
Assistant Professor
EB 3.04.10
Professor, Fellow of ASME, AHA & AIMBE
AET 2.328
Associate Professor of Instruction
AET 2.214
Associate Professor in Practice
EB 3.04.22
Professor, Undergraduate Advisor of Record, ASME and ASEE Fellow
EB 3.04.20
Associate Professor, ASME Fellow
EB 3.04.58
Samuel G. Dawson Endowed Professor, Associate Chair for Research
AET 2.330
Senior. Associate VP for Research
GSR 2.130
Associate Professor, Graduate Advisor of Record
EB 3.04.50
Professor, ASME and AIMBE Fellow
EB 3.04.52


Adminstrative Manager
EB 3.04.02
Professor and Zachry Mechanical Engineering Department Endowed Chair
EB 3.04.02

Adjunct Faculty and Instructors

Advisory Council

  • Henry Bernstein, Gas Turbine Materials Associates
  • Jahan Eftekhar, J. Eftekhar & Associates
  • Dan Gonzalez, StandardAero
  • J. Michael Harris (PE), CPS Energy
  • Bryan Lancon, VP, BRL Consultants
  • Golda M. Obinzu, City of San Antonio - Office of Sustainability
  • Jose Rodriguez (PE), IMEG
  • Darren Simmons, VP, Frozen Beverage Dispensers

Resources for Faculty

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