Internship and Co-ops

Co-op programs and internships provide students the opportunity to partner with local and national business to apply what they learn in the classroom in a professional setting.

  1. Go to Handshake to see what internships are available.

  2. To learn more about what internships are and how to find one that works for you, click here.

  3. Students must talk to a faculty member before signing up for a co-op.

Below are some examples of the great internships and co-ops that our CEID students have taken or are taking part in right now!

Student Experiences

A Successful Mission: Marshall’s Summer Interns Go Virtual

Our very own Talha Khans participated in this wonderful opportunity, and here is what he had to say about it. "I've had the chance to join NASA's IMPACT Earth Science Phenomena Detection team. NASA collects satellite imagery on a number of hazardous earth phenomena, such as tropical storms, dust storms, volcanoes, and more. Detecting these kinds of hazardous events before their onset can be critical to mitigating the economic damages that come and can even save lives. Using satellite imagery, I'm creating a deep learning artificial intelligence model to automate the detection of dust storms in real-time in order to alert weather forecasters, emergency managers, and citizens."


Time magazine has employed Nanoracks ( to design and build a 3D camera housing that will be sent to the International Space Station for filming of a 3D immersion documentary. This has never bee done before and it is an exciting project. Listed below are Alumni and Iterns of UTSA

  • Nanoracks – Joseph Kissling (graduate of the UTSA mechanical engineering program now works at Nanoracks) designed the entire assembly for the camera.
  • Land Aero Group – Frank M. Garcia, Frank C. Garcia, Alex Lauprecht, Matt Fierro (UTSA intern) are all UTSA COE graduates (I’m the old guy – LOL) responsible for the manufacturing of the detail parts for the camera.
  • NASA/Jacobs Engineering – Nick Martinez (UTSA COE- graduated with me in 1986) is a materials scientist at NASA and is responsible or the review of all flight hardware sent to the ISS.


The camera shown in the video below was recently sent up to the ISS but stayed inside of the station. The project that is currently being worked is the design of a camera that will be used outside of the ISS.