The CEID Tutoring Center is STILL OPEN!

The Tutoring Center is open to all CEID students who need a little extra help with their courses.

As we move back to in-person classes, the tutoring center will be available both remotely and in person. Please visit us at the Engineering Building(2.04.30).

 Instructions for connecting to your tutors can be found here. The Student Success Center is available to help at  coe.studentsuccess@utsa.edu.

Fall 2021 Tutoring Schedule

Student Testimonials

Grace P.
The tutoring center helped me reinforce ideas that I learned in EA 2323 and helped fill some of the gaps in understanding that I had after lectures. The tutors were extremely patient and willing to go over a multitude of topics and ideas (even some based in calculus or algebra that I had forgotten) in order to make sure that I was able to perform my best during exams. Being online has been a bit difficult for me because I'm one of those students that used to really enjoy making math study groups that would meet up after class in the JPL, however, thanks to the tutoring center I can be virtually paired with students that are studying the same content as me with a tutor working through a few problems. It really improved my morale and my overall grade last semester. If it weren't for the tutoring center I feel that I would have had a much harder time with EGR 2323. I'm extremely grateful to all the hard-working staff there!
Joshua Z.
The tutoring center gave me the opportunity to discuss subject matter with student experts, practice problems with them, and create a disciplined regiment to my Engineering analysis one homework. The tutoring staff were always helpful, kind, and understanding. The tutors were thorough in their teachings and it is obvious they enjoyed sharing in the content of the class and its application.

How to access the Tutoring Center:

1.            Log into Blackboard

2.            Find the site titled “ COE Tutoring Center Fall 2021”

3.            Go to “tools”

4.            Go to “Blackboard Collaborate Ultra”

5.            Enter the unlocked course room

Tutoring Application

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