Research Focus:

  • Pavement Analysis
  • Pavement-Vehicle Interaction
  • Asphalt Material Characterization
  • Pavement Sustainability (Energy Harvesting, UHI Effects)

Recent Research Projects (Last 3 Years):

  • M-E Pavement Design User’s Manual for Texas, Texas DOT ($167k) Papagiannakis, 2/20-8/21.
  • Demonstrating the environmental Benefits of Permeable Pavements over the Edwards Aquifer San Antonio River Authority ($1,036k), Papagiannakis & Giacomoni, 9/19-9/23.
  • Self-Powered Weigh-in-Motion System Tran-SET Regional UTC ($50k), Papagiannakis, Dessouky & Ahmed, 8/19-5/21.
  • Calibration and Validation of the TxME and the M-E PDG, Texas DOT ($297.5k), Papagiannakis, 2/18-1/20.
  • A Hybrid Integrated Sensing and Energy Conversion System For Harvesting Mechanical and Thermal Energy from Roadways, CPS Energy ($598k), Dessouky, Montoya & Papagiannakis, 9/17-8/19.
  • Development of a Self-powered Structural Health Monitoring System for Transportation Infrastructure Tran-SET Regional UTC ($69k), Dessouky, Karsilayan & Papagiannakis, 5/17-10/18.
  • Evaluation of Comparative Damaging Effects of Multiple Truck Axles for Flexible Pavements, Tran-SET Regional UTC ($120k), Romanoschi & Papagiannakis, 5/17-10/18.