The Software Communication and Navigation Systems Laboratory was established in 2004. Its currrent locations is BSE0.236. Through various funded projects, the Lab has acquired equipment and software worth of about $200K. This includes signal generators, up/down RF converters, signal analyzers, oscilloscopes, esc. My team also has access to a shared equipment/facility worth approximately $120K. Currently the Lab has significant potential to conduct state-of-the-art research. Major equipment list includes the following:
  • 5 Servers, 12 PC, 5 testing laptops
  • 8 USRP boards for SDR research
  • Advanced RF generators and analysers from NI and Agilent
  • In-house A-GPS testbed. In-house deployed and servicing MessageSpace systems for mHealth applications
  • WLAN-location testbed, 3rd party reference WLAN-location systems (Ekahau), WLAN mobile signal analyzer
  • Reference 3rd party GPS SDR receiver (Fastrax) and evaluation boards (SiRF)
  • Advanced RF-support boards from National Instruments
  • Antennas, parts, DSP processors, FPGA boards
  • HE-Robot WLAN enabled
  • Android, Symbian, Windows and Apple smartphones for application development
  • Supporting software
  • NI GPS Simulator

    Contact Information

    Director: Dr. David Akopian
    E-mail: david.akopian@utsa.edu
    Phone: (210) 458-7718