Emilio Joel Hernandez

Emilio Joel Hernandez
Graduate Student

Master’s Student

Hobbies: When I am in need of a respite from research and work, I turn to reading classical novels and writing to clear my mind. In addition to these indoor hobbies, I enjoy outdoor activities like playing baseball or going for a run. Practicing foreign languages is something I wish I did a bit more of but I do tend to code from time to time so maybe this counts. Lastly, I work as a data management engineer and a drone pilot for a company that is pioneering sUAS applications in many industries ranging from oil and gas to roof inspections.

Areas of Research Interest: I am passionate about the potential of innovative alternative energy production methods and technologies, data analytics for real-world applications, and generating models to predict production and quality of products.

Current Project: Evaluating biofuel conversion technologies and generating models to predict biocrude yields