CEE 4603 Water Resources Engineering

This course focuses on the analysis and design of surface and subsurface water resource facilities. Applications include the design of water supply systems, wastewater collection, and storm water systems.

CEE 4733 Applied Hydrology

Applied hydrology covers basic principles and applications of hydrology to water resources engineering. Main topics include: hydrologic cycle, precipitation, hydrologic abstractions, surface runoff, unit hydrographs, synthetic hydrographs, and flood and reservoir routing.

CEE 6013 Hydrologic Simulation and Analysis

This course addresses hydrological modeling (both theory and practical applications with focus on the latter) and related issues.  Most of the course is dedicated to hands-on, problem-oriented applications using a variety of practical techniques. It provide students with the knowledge and tools necessary to use data derived from geographical information systems (GIS) to develop hydrologic estimates needed for different applications.

CEE 6343 Water Resource Systems Analysis

Systems Analysis methods use algorithmic and mathematical approaches for problem-solving. These are powerful methods that can be applied to solve complex design and management problems for water resources systems and other engineering areas. This class focus on optimization methods, such as linear programming, integer programming, nonlinear programming, genetic algorithms, and dynamic programming, and their application to water resources systems. Advanced Systems Analysis methods, including sensitivity analysis, alternatives generation, and multi-objective optimization will be introduced to address the complexities associated with public sector decision-making.

CEE 4543 Project Design and Construction Management

Civil Engineering design process, project specifications, and construction management. Topics covered include design process/practices, project proposals, pricing, specifications, bidding strategies, project management/scheduling and project financing. The course forms the student teams for CE 4813 Civil Engineering Design and identifies projects. Students are trained on how to write Request for Proposals (RFPs) for the identified projects and how to write engineering consulting proposals in reply to the RFP. Students are also trained on how to present proposals to a panel of senior engineers at the end of the semester. Course must be taken the semester prior to taking CE 4813. (Formerly CE 3543. Credit cannot be earned for both CE 3543 and CE 4543).