Dissertations and Theses Supervised

In Progress

  1. Wenjun Wang, Ph.D. dissertation
  2. Shane Carrol, Ph.D. dissertation
  3. Hashitha Yendapalli, M.S. thesis
  4. Marwa Naveed Sheika, M.S. thesis
  5. Aditya Kapala, M.S. thesis

Ph.D. Dissertations (Completed)

  1. “Autonomous Performance Optimizing Control Methodology (APOCoM) for Resource-Sharing Systems”, Hsiu-Jy Ho
  2. “Advanced Hashing Techniques for Non-Uniformly Distributed Functions”, Chris Martinez
  3. Host Based Intrusion Detector: Component of Distributed Intrusion Detection Systems (DIDS) Architecture,” Ashok Tummala
  4. “Management of Shared Resources In Multi-Threading/Multi-Core Systems, Yilin Zhang
  5. “VLSI Dynamic Statistical Performance Verification and Timing/Soft Error-Resilient Design”, Lu Wang
  6. “VLSI Design for Reliability and Security in Nanoscale Technology”, Milad Maleki

    M.S. Theses (Completed)

  1. “Performance Analysis of Parallel Divide-and-Conquer Programs with Statistical Model”, Yang Bo
  2. “Load Balancing and Task Allocation for Parallel Computation”, Wei Xie
  3. “Design and Development of Cost Efficient Branch Prediction Hardware”, Ding Wei
  4. “Intelligent Traffic Control in Wormhole Routed Network”, Chunhui Zhao
  5. “Task Scheduling in Multiprocessor Environment”, Qiuyan Gu
  6. “Job Scheduling and Processor Allocation on Mesh-Connected Parallel Computers”, Xiaomei Zhu
  7. “Efficient Job Scheduling for Mesh-Connected Multicomputers with Feed-Back Control”, Qing Wan
  8. “Efficient Branch Prediction Techniques for High-Performance CPUs”, An-Yi Yang
  9. “Advanced Deadlock Recovery And Injection Control Schemes for Wormhole Routed Networks”, Chi-Mo Dai
  10. “Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum Communication Using an Integrated CPS Receiver”, Jennifer Alvarez
  11. “Advanced Congestion-Relieving and Injection Control Schemes for Wormhole Routed Networks”, Yumei Tang
  12. “Improving Dynamic Branch Prediction”, Ramu Madhavaram
  13. “Task Scheduling Algorithm with Duplication for Distributed Computing”, Srikar Reddy Pasham
  14. “Advanced Hybrid Branch Predictors For High-Performance CPUs”, Venkata Subba Reddy Yerasi
  15. “Optimal XOR Hashing For Non-uniform Distribution”, Chris Martinez
  16. “Cost-Performance Effective Hybrid Branch Predictor”, Huy Dang
  17. “Dispatch Algorithms to Seek Balance between Urgency and Readiness of Instructions and Fair Scheduling of Instructions in SMT Processor”, Miraben J. Patel
  18. “Advanced Hashing with Hybrid Key Duplication for IP Address Lookup”, Rujiroj Tiengtavat
  19. “Adaptive Instruction Dispatching Techniques for Simultaneous Multi-threading (SMT) Processors”, Monobrata Debnath
  20. “Effective Dispatching In Simultaneous Multithreading (SMT) Processors By Capping Per-Thread Resource Utilization”, Tilak Nagaraju
  21. “A Real-Time Per-Thread IQ-Capping Technique for Simultaneous Multi-Threading (SMT) Processors’’, Amin Sahba
  22. “Hashing for Fast IP Address Lookup Utilizing Inter-Key Correlation”, Ramin Sahba
  23. “Selective Context Blocking After Branch Performance Evaluation for Improving SMT Performance”, Samir Talegaon
  24. Shane Carrol, M.S. thesis
  25. Jaya Chaitanya VSLVN, M.S. thesis
  26. Jabbar Al-temeemi, M.S. thesis
  27. Avinash Anand, M.S. thesis
  28. Ayesha Begum, M.S. thesis
  29. Sherifdeen Lawal, M.S. thesis
  30. Manogna Chennupati, M.S. project
  31. Divya Gupta, M.S. thesis
  32. Philip West, M.S. thesis
  33. Annie Lezil, M.S. project
  34. Nishi Mehta, M.S. project
  35. Arun Das, M.S. thesis
  36. Wei Wei, M.S. thesis
  37. Zhexin Zhang, M.S. thesis
  38. Madhava Krishnan Reddy Ramanathan, M.S. thesis
  39. Mitha Ann Philip, M.S. thesis
  40. Zarna Makhaniya, M.S. project