Research Thrusts

Lean Manufacturing Assessment and Implementation
Value Stream Analysis and Improvement
Lean and Six Sigma Integration
Supply-Chain Management
Advanced System Simulation
Factory Automation and Integration
Modular Cell Control Systems
Intelligent Scheduling and Shop Floor Control
Enterprise Modeling and Process Re-engineering
Modeling and Analysis of Manufacturing Systems

Research Projects

“A Closed-Loop, Real-Time Resource Planning and Control for Lean Production,” PI: F F Chen, Center for High Performance Manufacturing, VT, 07/01/05-06/30/06.
“Flexible Web-based Kanban,” PI: F F Chen, Center for High Performance Manufacturing, VT, 07/01/05-06/30/06.
“Process Mapping and Cost-Time Profiling in Support of Lean Manufacturing,” PI: F F Chen (Co-PI- Dr. Robert Sturges – ISE), $38,736, Center for High Performance Manufacturing, VT, 07/01/04-06/30/05.
“Enhanced Lean Manufacturing and Six-Sigma Integration: Assessment, Project Identification and Functionality,” PI: F F Chen (Co-PI- Dr. Kevin Creehan – CHPM), $38,736, Center for High Performance Manufacturing, VT, 07/01/04-06/30/05.
“Lean Manufacturing for Productivity and Quality Improvement: A Progressive Process Improvement Approach,” PI: Robert Sturges – ISE, Co-PI: F F Chen $29,875 plus $20,000 CHPM matching. Bristol Compressors, 08/25/03-02/26/04 (6 months).
“A Decision Support and Analysis Tool for Lean Manufacturing Assessment and Implementation,” PI: F F Chen, $34,000, CHPM Center-Designated Project, July 1, 2003- June 30, 2004.
“Enhancing Virginia’s Research Infrastructure for High-Performance Manufacturing,” PI: F F Chen (Co-PIs: Al Loos – Eng Sc. & Mechanics, Ron Kander – Materials Sc. & Eng.), $4,339,577 (VA Commonwealth Technology Research Fund, Grant No: SE2002-03) plus $4,614,107 institutional matching and industry cost sharing,7/1/2001-6/30/2005 (4 years).
“A Knowledge and Distributed Intelligence Approach to Concurrent Product, Process, and Manufacturing System Design,” PI: F F Chen (with 3 other investigators), College of Engineering Collaborative Research Grant, University of Toledo, $72,552, 2 RAs, 1998-1999 (12 months).
“Real-Time Hardware-Based Simulation Technology for FMS Control Optimization,” NSF Presidential Faculty Fellow Awards, NSF/EHR/GERD PFF Program, $530,000. (plus $80,000 institutional cash match for research equipment) 1997-2003 (6 years), 2-4 RAs/Semester.
“An University-Industry Virtual Alliance for Radical Innovation in Flat Glass Manufacturing,” Co-PI: F F Chen, (PI: John Dismukes, Chemical Engineering, and three other Investigators) NSF/ENG/ DMII MOTI Program, $299,805, 1997-1999 (2 years), 2 RAs/year under F. Chen’s supervision.
“Rapid Design and Analysis of Advanced Manufacturing Systems: A Decomposition-Transformation Approach,” PI: F F Chen (no Co-PIs), NSF/DMII/Integration Engineering Program – Unsolicited and Air Force Research Labs, $212,401, 2/1/1997-1/31/2000 (36 months); 2 grad RAs & 2 Undergrad/Semester.