Watch KENS5 NEWS features our research:

Scientist studying how twisted arteries relate to heart disease (2007)

UTSA scientists win $1.8 million to study ‘artery curling’ (2010)

Varicose veins subject of new study (mySA Express News 2010)

Read UTSA Today Story (2007)

Student News:

Justin Garcia received a Best Presentation Award at the SACNAS National Conference (10/2013)

Andrew Voorhees received a Valero Student Travel Award from COE to attend BMES 2013 in Seattle WA (9/2013)

Andrew Voorhees received a PhD Student Excellence Award from COE (12/2012)

Frank Wang received a COE Valero Foreign Visiting PhD Student Award (Fall 2012)

Justin Garcia and Justin Moreno are featured on the UTSA Graduate School webpage.(3/2012)

Rita Thornton, a RISE undergraduate scholar in our lab, received a poster award at ABRCMS at St Louis Nov. 2011.

Justin Garcia received an NIH MBRS-RISE predoctoral scholarship (Sept. 2011)

Shawn Lamm received a SACNAS Travel Scholarship Award to present a poster at the SACNAS annual meeting in Dallas, TX (Sept. 2009).

Danika Hayman featured in UTSA Today  (August 24, 2009)

Justin Garcia received a Graduate Research Supplement from the NSF to support his graduate study. (August 2009)

Danika Hayman received a Graduate Research Award from the Biomedical Engineering Society (August 2009)

Danika Hayman received an F31 predoctoral fellowship from the NIH (May 2009)

Shawn Lamm received a Poster Award at the 2008 SACNAS National Conference. (Oct. 2008)

Danika Hayman received an NIH MBRS-RISE predoctoral scholarship (Sept. 2008)

Avione Northcutt received an NIH MBRS-RISE predoctoral scholarship (Sept. 2008)

Rick Martinez received a Poster Award at the 2008 Summer Bioengineering Conference (June 2008)




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