Machine Intelligence, Data Analytics, and Human-System Collaboration

The increasing use of unmanned systems in numerous applications requires high-level intelligence for the much-needed autonomy to reduce human workload and enhance natural human-robot interaction. We are interested in developing innovative methods for advanced intelligence to enhance modeling, decision making, and human effectiveness.

Network Science and Applications

Network of agents is ubiquitous in the universe, from social to biological to engineering sciences. We are interested in uncovering mechanisms behind the network nature of the world to create useful engineering tools and use the engineering tools to further create value-added economic and societal benefits.

Cyber-Physical Systems and Security

The increasing connection of physical systems in the cyber domain brings new capabilities by leveraging individual systems’ unique capabilities, at the cost of severe security issues. We are interested in uncovering security issues, analyzing the consequences, and constructing prediction and mitigation techniques to address security concerns of CPSs.


Testing, Verification, and Validation

Transition of the state-of-art research into practice requires verification and validation of new methods, tools, and approaches in real-world applications. We conduct testing in the lab environment and collaborate with our partners in mission-critical applications. Cloud-based IoT technology will be leveraged to enhance the adaptivity and real-time responsiveness of remote agents that operate in complex environments with big data. Network Science and Applications

Research Support

We gratefully acknowledge the generous supports from various funding sources, including

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