Dr. Kapoor’s research passion lies at the cross-section of environmental microbiology, biotechnology and environmental engineering incorporating a diversity of research tools such as molecular-based identification techniques, bench-scale bioreactors, bioinformatics, and different omics methods including metagenomics and metatranscriptomics. Specifically, the Kapoor Lab apply these biomolecular tools to study the role of microbial communities in natural and engineered systems. Dr. Kapoor’s research is guided by the ultimate vision that gaining a better understanding of these communities will allow us to fully harness their power towards achieving several objectives such as wastewater treatment and resource recovery, bioremediation of harmful contaminants, detection and mitigation of waterborne pathogens, and ultimately contribute to improved environmental and public health.

General areas of interest:

  • Biological wastewater and water treatment
  • Resource recovery from wastewater (energy, water, nutrients, chemicals)
  • Microbial source tracking
  • ​Microbial ecology of natural and engineered systems
  • Stormwater management and water quality improvement
  • Environmental and public health

Research initiatives:

Wastewater COVID Tracking Dashboard – click here

USDA EcoJEDI Program Website – click here