CE 1301 Introduction to Civil Engineering

Engineering as a career, engineering ethics, and approaches to engineering problem formulation and solution using principles of design and decision making.


CE 2633 Environmental Engineering 

This course teaches principles, analysis, and design related to environmental monitoring, protection, and remediation systems. Topics include environmental quality and legislation, modeling, water treatment, wastewater treatment, solid and hazardous waste management, air and noise pollution, and radioactive waste management.


CE 5683 Biological Phenomena in Environmental Engineering

The purpose of this course is to learn the basic biological processes that are critical to environmental engineering. Students will gain a fundamental understanding of microbiology as it pertains to natural systems, drinking water, wastewater treatment, and bioremediation. Lecture and guided class discussion on different topics will serve to help students understand experimental techniques used in research on the applied microbiology of environmental systems.

CE 5733 Experimental Methods in Environmental Engineering

This course will provide students with the tools necessary to conduct research in environmental engineering and science. We will cover the theory and operation of analytical equipment, sampling and data handling methods, statistical analyses, experimental design, and laboratory safety.

Minority Student Recruitment and Mentoring

Active recruitment and mentoring of minority students is an important component of teaching and education. With an increasing percentage of the US population of minority background, it is important to encourage, recruit and mentor minority students. As a result, I have made it a priority to recruit and develop minority students.