Classes and Students 

Fall 2019-2024
  • Mathematics in Signals and Systems – EE 3423 

Required Text-Book:
Signals, Systems, and Transforms,
Charles L. Philips, John M. Park, and Eve A. Riskin  (Prentice Hall, 5th edit. 2014).

Summer 2021 Attendance:  The required Zoom-online sessions will occur on the following days/times:  Thursday 10:00-11:55 am.

  • Discrete Signals and Systems – EE 3523 

Required Text-Book:
Signals, Systems, and Transforms,
Charles L. Philips, John M. Park, and Eve A. Riskin  (Prentice Hall, 5th edit. 2014), Chapters 9-12.

My brief notes of lectures can be downloaded:

       15 Lectures: Math in Signals and Systems (formerly Signals and Systems I)
       10 Lectures: Discrete Signals and Systems (formerly Signals and Systems II) 

  • 4663: Digital Image Processing / EE 5353: Topic 1: Digital Image Processing
    1. Rafael C. Gonzalez and Richard E. Woods, Digital Image Processing, Second or Third Edition Prentice Hall, 2002, … . (Required).
    2. R.C. Gonzalez, R.E. Woods, S.L. Eddins, Digital Image Processing Using MATLAB, Prentice Hall; 1st edition, 2003. (Recommended).
    3. A.M. Grigoryan. My notes for DIP with all topics and MATLAB codes discussed in the class will be posted in BB.

* My lectures and many codes in Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and Digital Image Processing (DIP) will be available on the UTSA CANVAS. 

  • EE 4913-3 Independent Study: Quantum Computation in Imaging, Computed Tomography (CT), Programming in Facial Imaging, Image Processing for Computer Graphics, Discrete Signal Processing
  • ERG 2213 – Statics and Dynamics:
    This course is fully online in a hybrid format.
    Required Text-Book: Engineering Mechanics Statics and Dynamics, 14th Edition (or … 10th Edition), R.C. Hibbeler, Prentice Hall, 2016.

Supervision of students

PhD in EE (9):

1. PhD in EE, Ayman Dodin, “Recognition System in Python Programming Language for English Optical Character Recognition.” 

2. Aparna John, “2-D Quaternion Discrete Fourier Transform in Color Image Enhancement,” Graduated in December 2017.
3. John Jekinson, “Enhancement of galaxy images,” 2014-2017.
Nan Du, “Tensor Transform Based Method of Image Reconstruction by Projections,” Graduated in August 2013.
5. Sree Phani Kishore Devineni, “Methods of Paired Representation in Signal Denoising,” Graduated in Fall 2013.
6. Khalil Naghdali, “Discrete Signal-Induced Fast Transforms and Their Applications Image Processing,” Graduated in Fall 2013.
7. Tilak Nagaraju, “Design and Architectural Implementation of the Fast Fourier Transform in FPGA”
8. Serkan Dursun, “Peak-to-Average Power Ratio Reduction in Multi-Carrier Communication Systems,” Graduated in May 2010.

9. Fatma Arslan, “Image Enhancement and Directional Denoising by Paired Transform,” Graduated in March 2007.

BS with Honor in EE:
Joao, Nsingui, “Elliptic Discrete Fourier Transforms and Their application,” Graduated in May 2012.

MS in EE (25):

1. MS in EE, Hemangini Patel, Low Light Image Enhancement Focusing- Underwater Images,” Graduated in August 2023.
2. MS in EE, Emmanuel Oluga, “Alpha-Rooting Color Image Enhancement for Neural Light Field Rendering,Graduated in May 2023.
3. MS in EE, Stange Jason, “Facial Recognition,” Graduated in Spring 2020.
4. MS in EE, Isaac Trevino, “Face Image Recognition,” Graduated in Spring 2020.

5. Richard Down, “Intersection Monitoring Tool Using Computer Vision and Machine Learning Techniques,” Graduated in December 2018.

6. Anusha Cherukuri (/ Dr. Sos Agaian), “To Develop a Financial Data Analytics and Prediction System by Combining Multiple data Sources,” Graduated in December 2017.
7. Venkata Parameswada R. Boddu (/ Dr. Sos Agaian) , “Parametric Transfer Learning Analysis wuth Prostate and Breast Cancer,” Graduated in December 2017.
8. Venkata Parameswada R. Boddu, “A Novel Reversible Watermarking Method based on Adaptive Thresholding and Companding Technique,” Graduated in May 2016.

9. Sai Krishna Papineni, “Facial Expression Recognition System using Hog Features and Cross Validation,” Graduated in May 2016.
10. Pranita B. Panta, “Retinex Using Fast Fourier Transform,” Graduated in May 2016.
11. Ramya Y. Kavuda “ Mineral Image Enhancement,” Graduated in May 2016. 
12. Bryan A. Wiatrek, “Image Encryption by Redirection and Cyclic Shift,” Graduated in May 2015. 
13. Analysa M. Gonzales, “Fast Multiscale RETINEX and a-Rooting, Fusion for Post Processing,” Graduated in May 2015. 
14. John Jenkinson, “Enhancement Classification of Galaxy Images,” Graduated in December 2014. 
15. Mehdi Hajinoroozi, “Image and Signal Processing with Discrete Signal-Induced Heap Transform,” Graduated in May 2014. 
16. Hassan Alshwaf, “Seismic Signal Processing Techniques and algorithms,” Graduated in August 2013. 
17. Ahmad Turki, “Overview on Different Medical Image Enhancement Algorithms,” Graduated in August 2013.
18. Julian, Anugom, “Multiresolution Signal Processing by Fourier Transform Time-Frequency Correlation Analysis,” Graduated in May 2006.
19. Alla Srikrishna, “Novel Method of Image Reconstruction Using Tensor Representation – Its Applications in Positron Emission Tomography,” Graduated in Dec. 2005.
20. Shih-Chia Liu, “Method of Tensor Representation for Reconstruction of Image from Projections,” Graduated in May 2005.
21. Jung-Hua Liao, “New Methods of Filtering for 1-D Signals by the Paired Transform,” Graduated in May 2005.
22. Veerabhadrasam S. Bhamidipati, “New Methods of Calculation of Reversible Integer Discrete Cosine Transform,” Graduated in Dec. 2004.
23. Ranganadh Narayaham, ( / Dr. Patel Parimal) “Implementation and Performance Evaluation of the fast DFT by Using Radix-2 and the Paired Transform Algorithms,” Graduated in August 2004.
24. Larry Stephen Lamoureux, ( / Dr. Sos Agaian) “Image De-noising via Local Information Based Fuzzy Filters,” Graduated in May 2002.
25. Ashish Dinanath, Graduated in May 2002.

  • Other Classes (from 2001-2018):   
    Topics in DSP: Biomedical Imaging – BME 6703-01
    Advanced Topics in Signal Processing – EE 6363 001 
    Topics in DSP: Biomedical Image Processing – EE 5263-01
    Topics in DSP: Digital Image Processing – EE 5263-01
    Digital Signal Processing – EE 5163 
    Discrete Signals and Systems (Signals and Systems II) EE 3523 
    Math in Signals and Systems – EE 3424, EE 3423 (Signals and Systems I)
    Network Theory – EE 2423
    Statics and Dynamics – ERG 2213 
    Digital Image Processing – EE 4663 
    Topics: Digital Image Processing – EE 5353 
    Digital Signal Processing – EE 4643 
    Topics in Multimedia Signal Processing – EE 5353 
    Topics in DSP – EE 4453 
    Applied Engineering Analysis I – EGR 2323 
    Applied Engineering Analysis II – EGR 3323