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Dee Howard Memorial Certificate in Aerospace Engineering

 The Aerospace Engineering Certificate is offered through our Mechanical Engineering department. The certificate is designed to prepare mechanical engineering degree-seeking students and non-degree-seeking students with a mechanical engineering background with the fundamental engineering knowledge necessary for successful careers in the aerospace industry. It certifies to employers that students awarded the certificate have completed coursework essential to success in entry-level positions in aerospace.


Certificate Information

Eligibility requirements:

  • Meet the prerequisite courses for the certificate program (refer to course descriptions in the UTSA Undergraduate Catalog)

Students pursuing an Aerospace Engineering certificate must complete 15 semester credit hours as follows:

A. Required courses: 3
Fluid Mechanics
B. ME electives. A minimum of three courses (9 semester credit hours) selected from the following list: 9-12
Compressible Flow and Propulsion Systems
Special Studies in Mechanical Engineering (SS in Aerodynamics)
Special Studies in Mechanical Engineering (SS in Propulsion)
Special Studies in Mechanical Engineering (SS in Astrodynamics)
C. Additional electives. If only three courses are selected from list B, then an additional 3 semester credit hours must be completed from the following list: 0-3
Mechanical Vibration
Finite Element Analysis
Reliability and Quality Control in Engineering Design
Total Credit Hours 15