EE 3413: Analysis and Design of Control Systems

Spring 2016 – EE 3413: Analysis and Design of Control Systems

Course Description and General Information

Modeling, analysis, and design of linear automatic control systems; time and frequency domain techniques; stability analysis, state variable techniques, and other topics. Control systems analysis and design software will be used. One hour of problem recitation per week.

  • Location: EB 2.04.04
  • Time: TR 14:30 – 15:45
  • Office Hours:
    • Tuesdays and Thursdays, 11:00 – 12:00
    • Or by appointment
  • Course material will be regularly updated on UTSA’s blackboard

Course Syllabus

Lecture Notes*

*Modules are organized based on topics covered in class. Each Module is equivalent to 2–4 lectures.

  • Module 1: Course introduction and syllabus, CPS background, tentative schedule
  • Module 2: Laplace Transforms, Transfer Functions & ODEs
  • Module 3: Modeling of Dynamical Systems
  • Module 4: Block Diagrams and Graphical Representations of Intertwined Dynamic Systems
  • Module 5: System Analysis & First and Second Order Dynamical Systems
  • Module 6: Higher Order Systems, Stability Analysis & Steady-State Errors
  • Module 7: Analysis and Design via the Root-Locus Method
  • Hadnout: Root-Locus  —  10 Simple Rules
  • Module 8: Design of PID and Compensators (Updated)
  • Module 9: State Space Representation of LIT Systems; Linear Algebra Review


Homework Assignments